Cont….Done for you daily habits that will produce productivity for success

Today we continue with the daily habits that will produce productivity

So, last time we talked about how when you are productive and accomplish things you feel proud of yourself. Then your mean gatekeeper or critic in your head likes to criticize you and judge us. Before we continue further into the habits everyone should be aware that this may happen. When it does you have to stand up to the mean gatekeeper critic who likes to tell you that you have not accomplished anything.

What is the gatekeeper you might be asking? A gatekeeper is like a bully, only in your head, telling you negative things about yourself. I explain more about the bully in my FREE guide. If you’d like my free 10 tips to crush the mental bully you can CLICK HERE  You will also get a FREE coaching session

Don’t let the mental bully shame, criticize or judge you>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 Here is 1 more “done for you” daily habit that you ca


n use on a consistent basis to help you see results in productivity which is the most important thing for your business or for your life.

 The key to this habit below and the previous ones is to have them written out in a special journal that you look at daily. Every single morning opens the page where these are and write down what your new goals are. There should be a separate page list for every day to keep your mind inspired and creative.

Habit 3 to create in your personal development time.

Habit 3 Write down 10 to 15 goals in a journal or spiral notebook. Begin each day writing the top 10 answers to these questions.

    • What do I desire to accomplish?
    • What do I desire in my life to be about?
    • Where do I desire to go?
    • What do I desire to create?
  • Think big and write down what you desire, not what you think is possible. If you could have, be, do, or accomplish anything, what would that look like?

  • Include these eight areas.
    • Health and wellness
    • Personal relationships
    • Finance
    • Career
    • Fun/hobbies
    • Travel
    • Spiritual/philanthropic
    • Stuff do you want.

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