Eliminate guilt and rebuild your immune system.

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Did you know…Guilt and unforgiveness are a luxury we cannot afford?

Carrying around unforgiveness for years is physically, emotionally, and spiritually damaging. And your body can suffer from many physical disorders.

✨✨✨✨✨Why it matters…You may become depressed, antisocial, or lonely. Both guilt and unforgiveness can drive you away from God and into despair. When you were younger you may have done some things that you feel guilty about. You may have had people do things to you that were wrong and felt pain and you are having difficulties forgiving them for what they did.

Remember that when we don’t forgive it’s like drinking poison and expecting another person to die.

You can create havoc in your bodies and cause auto-immune diseases that are difficult to get rid of.

What to do…Take a daily self-examination, confession, and repentance of any wrongdoing that you have done, and then take some time to examine your heart and see who you are holding unforgiveness for.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that you forget but forgiving sets you free from the negative emotions that keep you bound and cause your body to tense up and get sick.

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I’m a Confidence and Success Coach working with therapists, and coaches feeling you have lost touch with yourself after reaching burn-out, living with anxiety, and pushing beyond your limits. I help you get back in charge of your life and build your business online so you can do what you love, work from anywhere and make more money. 

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