4 ways to Avoid Frustration and Gain Peace

Do you get frustrated dealing with little things? You probably dread more little things than you do major things, right?

I hope you are doing well today. I write you these blogs to encourage you. I have been through every topic I talk about and know how it feels. I do every exercise that I put in these emails.

Today I wanted to talk about the little things that get us frustrated about and how to change our tolerance and body chemistry.

We have a lot of little things we deal with all the time, but the major things are few and far between. Right now, every little thing might feel like a major thing to you with what is going on in the world. As I begin to examine this area of dread in my own life I realized it operated in little daily areas, Such as going to the grocery store, doing laundry, running an errand, or looking for a parking place. I dreaded waiting because historically, I’ve not been an extremely patient person. Waiting in lines traffic, or slow people to get a job done or things I dreaded, and I love those things to frustrate me. But what I learned is if I can learn to stay in the moment then I could avoid these daily frustrations that happen.

Let’s talk about 4 ways to change that…………….

Here are four ways to stay in the moment:

Grab your journal and be ready to write: If you want better results lie flat on your back and do this breathing technique before you start. close your mouth>>> breathe air into your left nostril and breathe the air out your right nostril with your body completely relaxed.

Breathe in and out eight times after you’re totally relaxed with your arms at your side and your feet relaxed outward. You will feel your body completely calm down and be able to focus better on the exercise below.

  1. Stop: take in your natural surroundings at the moment, remove other sounds.
  2. Close your eyes. Identify all sounds and listen for the farthest sound.
  3. Touch: any movement of connection with the skin, skin on your legs skin on your hands, move up the body, and be aware of any movement or connection with your skin.
  4. Taste and smell: Focus on what your taste in your mouth what does it taste like? Then move to smells, what do you smell what does it smell like.

Don’t forget to breathe the whole time.

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