How is Anxiety Affecting Your Life?

 Did you know…Most of the anxiety we experience is created when we have losses, past or current abuse, or disappointment. If we don’t deal with those losses or abuse by working through the emotions around it then what happens is, that we become anxious because our minds can’t deal with the past trauma and so it fights back with anxiety.

Let’s talk about some of the ways we can eliminate some of this anxiety that’s happening in our emotions today. There may be a need for more coaching if you’re wanting to eliminate the anxiety for the future but for today you need tools to lessen the anxiety now.

Things Changing is Not Bad, Not Adapting to Them Is Bad

Why it matters…So today we’re going to talk about how to get peace, certainty, and keep healthy and in shape from home. One of the ways to bring peace and calmness into your life right now is to do some relaxing techniques.

These techniques also get you in the best shape of your life so it’s a win-win. Remember the acronym for fear False Evidence Appearing Real. Our minds may tell us to fear but that is not reality. We can’t predict the future and we don’t know that what fear is telling us is the truth. You need to talk back to the fear and tell yourself that this can be a positive time for you.

Refocus on your priorities and values.

Take charge of your life in your mind and thoughts. Don’t let it destroy what you should be thinking about and planning for your life.  When you allow yourself to get fearful or anxious this puts you into fight or flight mode which lowers your immune system and makes you a higher risk to catch the virus.

 What to do…Another way to calm down is to use youtube videos for doing yoga to calm yourself and strengthen your core. Other things you should be focusing on are getting prepared for the lifting of the virus.

Stop, and think about what you want to feel like, look like, and accomplish when this is over. You can begin to work on those things now so when this is over, you’re ahead of your plans and will move much faster stepping forward into them.

One of the breathing exercises I teach my patience is mindfulness breathing. How to breathe properly: start by putting your tongue at the roof of your mouth, close your mouth and breath in from your nose for the count of 6, hold the breath for the count of 4, drop your tongue and breathe out through your throat so that it sounds like a wave of the ocean coming out of your throat to the count of 8. Do a set of these 2 to 3 times a day so you have it down and memorized. When anxiety or panic hits you’ll know exactly what to do to calm yourself.

 Tapping for Healing

You can find tapping sequences on YouTube. by tapping on the different meridians on your body tapping helps calm and center your body. You can look on YouTube for tapping on any subject you want. The person in the video leads you right through it and it is only 5-8 minutes long. For example, tapping for anxiety – fear – sleep etc. Here is a sample of tapping for healing to follow

Make sure you are getting a good 7 to 8 hours or more of sleep a night. Sleep is so important because when you sleep your body heals and repairs and your immune system goes up.

I am offering free coaching online on Facebook to help with fear and uncertainty using strategies to help you center in and focus on staying calm and relieving anxiety.

The group on Facebook will be called “From Anxiety and Stress to Calmness and Bliss Coaching”

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