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Don’t give it all away, spread it out/or be intimate, and don’t lose yourself

How would you label your relationship with your significant other?

Do you isolate yourself from others, and he is and they are your only friend?

Don’t lose yourself in the intimacy with another person. When you function in that role you may be in danger of being “pulled under “and losing your identity.

Couples who cut off the rest of the world for their relationship can use each other up emotionally.

Having your mate as your only friend is an awesome responsibility to place on them.

Do you know the words enmeshment? Or codependency? Well, what it means is you enmesh yourself and share your life with only one person. To avoid this >>>>

  1. Fill yourself up with self-love,

  2. Measure your time with your significant other and others to be balanced

  3. Create other relationships and friends to keep it balanced.

The other important thing is to keep the chase going with your significant other.

Relationships are hard work. But it’s highly imperative that we keep the same intrigue to keep our relationship fresh and to allow your partner to want more of you by holding a little bit back.

If you give it all away there’s nothing for them to be challenged with or come after you for more of you in the relationship.

Have a difficult time loving yourself or breaking away from the “one” relationship?

This is where the fun can begin by following those who have gone before you and created success and are willing to show you the way. 

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Sometimes you need to invest in yourself and allow others to guide you on the journey to success in your life and your business.

That’s exactly why I created a coaching business Kathy Di Giacomo’s Coaching – Personal Development & Business Growth Strategist

I have been where you are and have come up out of the pit of frustration and hopelessness and created an exciting life with productivity doing what I love every day. I would love to help you get there!!

Let’s move forward and I can help you get what you need to shift your mindset from feeling defeated to experiencing inspiration and success.

I work with individuals who are anxious…and worried about their future …they are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a pattern of defeat and don’t know how to move forward in their life or business

With 10 years of exp as a psychotherapist, I help you to reconnect with who you are…create more confidence and self-esteem so you can finally pursue your dreams and create a fulfilling life.

Do you ever wonder if… need to learn more about how to calm the anxiety and learn to feel love so you can better help your clients? Or perhaps you’ve been thinking of working with a coach so you can find easier ways to run your business smoothly, gain more time in your day, make more money, have more freedom — help figure out where you’re stuck.

This is exactly why I created a new pilot group “FAM” Freedom Accelerator Mastermind group coaching.

“FAM” Freedom Accelerator Mastermind is a new form of coaching that will help you grow and thrive in personal development and your business.

If you would like to learn more, please go to for your free coaching session and information

I work with individuals who are anxious and worried about their future. They don’t know how to move forward in their life or business and they’re feeling overwhelmed.

I help you to reconnect with who you are, have more confidence and self-esteem so you can finally pursue your dreams, and create a fulfilling life.

Below you can read about the weekly group I am running.

Here is what you will receive in the program
ZOOM meetings 3x month 60 min

  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Unlimited text/emails
  • Fb group support
  • Hot seat coaching

Schedule dates: pacific time

  • 1st Thursday of the month, 12-noon
    • Topic personal development mastermind
  • 2nd Thursday of the month NO GROUP
  • 3rd Thursday of the month at 12-noon
    • Topic business strategies mastermind
  • 4th Thursday of the month at 12-noon
    • Topic mindset mastermind session

You’ll get to:
Explore new ways to breathe life back into yourself

  • Transform/build a life/business so you love it
  • Restore your life/business with time freedom
  • Have energy and time to dedicate to your personal life
  • Feel comradery/empathy with your peers
  • The peace process training
  • Do mirror work for self-esteem and confidence
  • Breathing technique lessons

How it works:
The zoom link will come in your email the day before our zoom meeting
60 minutes total = 30 minutes training on topics such as:

  • Trauma tools and education
  • Anxiety and Interventions
  • Depression Interventions
  • Boundaries and codependency

30-minutes hot-seat mastermind coaching
What happens in the 30 minutes?

  • We take the other 30 minutes and divide it by how many are present in the group so you get the time you need to ask questions or talk about your struggles. (When does this happen?)
  • After our 30-minute mastermind training for that day

Come join us and learn, create, and grow!

I’m here for YOU!!

I pray YOU are LOVED & Empowered!

Much Love 💜 and Hugs 🤗, Kathy

PS: Are you a member of my group?

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