How to create an awesome future ……….

 Hello everyone….  Today I wanted to talk about how what is done now will be with you in the future. Think about it! what has the past taught you? Has it taught you to withdraw? Has it taught you to be isolated? Have you practiced generalized distrust? Imagine how deep the roots of fear are growing.

 What will the future bring you? Whatever you are investing in it today!

My story

Most of my past life, I would attach myself to people, problems and my environment to give me an identity. I could not break free enough to know who I was or to explore career possibilities. Feelings of accomplishment and having a purpose were all out of my reach. I was busy taking care of everyone. I never stopped to look at who I was or what I needed in life. I made a decision that the only way forward was to put into practice methods that produce change and personal growth for myself every day for the rest of my life. That decision that I made with the help of many coaches changed my life forever.

Today I am living my dreams due to the decision to “get help and grow”.

Look at your life………….
What things are you practicing today?  Are they the same things you practiced in the past?
Here’s the truth!
·        Practice finding beauty today, YOU will find twice as much beauty tomorrow.
·        If we work on forgiveness today, tomorrow YOU may be free of resentments.
·        Choose to not isolate but rather choose to relate to others.
                         YOU can walk with friends for all the years YOU have before you.

Are you investing in yourself today? Personal growth and promoting changes make you a better person tomorrow?

What to do…Here are some affirmations you can use to promote and motivate your personal growth that will create a different tomorrow

       I am:

  • full of wisdom
  • gifted and talented
  • valuable
  • a person of action
  • I do many things right
  • I make good decisions
  • I have discipline and self-control

  Here’s a good prayer to pray >>For wisdom to see your future as the work of your hands and heart today.

For courage to take responsibility for choosing your direction for your future

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