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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t – you are right – Henry Ford

Attitude shapes the quality of your life. If you perceive yourself as a failure, as a helpless victim you are only kidding yourselves with all this talk of change. If that attitude is not contested ~ then, truly, YOU are not capable of change. If, on the other hand, your attitude is positive a whole new set of realities emerges.

Empowered by a different self-perception you see that your lives are largely your own making, but the past does not have to rule you like a tyrant king, you are more able than you ever dreamed, and you are indeed capable of deciding a new way you will be and how you will live

Here’s a little exercise to do so you can choose your quality of life each day. You can choose which attitude will shape the quality of your life 

Set out your imaginary glasses>one pair of glasses equals failure, ~ being a victim or negative thinking

The other pair of glasses represents positivity and powerfulness.

Every morning when you get up envision yourself putting out your two pairs of glasses and 👀look at them each for what they represent

Decide what pair you want to put on today? As a reminder of what your attitude can be for that day.


You can choose; one pair of glasses represents failure ~ being a victim ~ or negative thinking

The other pair of glasses represents; positivity and powerfulness

This can be a new day for you!!!

Let’s move forward to help you realize what you need and what your talents are so you can experience how to feel joy and hope to help others.


  • Ask questions
  • Get help/relief
  • Learn how coaching can help you through tough times
  • Talk out loud with someone who will NOT judge, will have an open heart and ears to listen to what is keeping you from being your unique YOU and happy.


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I’m here for YOU!!

I pray YOU are LOVED & Empowered!

Much Love 💜 and Hugs, Kathy

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