Signs of codependent behavior that creates anxiety

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How to help when you have the signs…..

  1. Entanglement; is a brother to enabling. When you become entangled with someone else, and their drama or emotions that affect you then you become entangled with them


  1. Enmeshment: You might ask what is the enmeshment? Enmeshment is when somebody else’s emotions feel like yours and you let their feelings and emotions affect you and your moods or behavior. If you can learn to detach from other people’s emotions, you will have more peace and feel your own feelings.

Others that make you feel anxious and act codependent have dashed hopes, broken dreams, and caused considerable pain in their life. I don’t wish to turn my back on them, nor do I wish to dwell on those feelings, but I can use those feelings as a tool to show me how to get better.

These feelings are a deep part of you; when they come knocking on the door of your heart in your awareness, you may be tempted to open it and let them in. But you need to treat yourself with empathy and care so you don’t let the feelings overtake you.

Reminder: they say pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. If you learn to accept that pain as part of life, you will be better able to endure the difficult times and then move on, leaving the pain behind you. “… When we long for life without difficulties, it reminds me that trees grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure “Peter Marshall”.

  1. Resentments: Resentment marks the places where I see myself as a victim. I see myself as a victim when I allow others to treat me in ways that make me feel uncomfortable.

The answer to all these topics is to learn to set boundaries. I have a free offer to get my boundaries guide when you sign up for my free master class coming soon

Boundaries, how do they work?

If a person puts up a fence around their yard to keep intruders out, then you must establish limits and margins– invisible lines you draw in your life to protect yourself from being used and abused or treated poorly. If you had such a privacy fence around your yard, and one afternoon you looked out into your yard and saw your neighbors sunbathing while their children played in your yard without asking you.

You would probably be very forceful and letting them know that your yard is off-limits to them for such activities without your permission.

In the same way, you need to be just as forceful and letting people know you expect them to respect the limits and margins you have erected around your personal life.

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