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10 Affirmations to change my life

Affirmations to change my life

I will have faith for my brokenness to be mended and come into complete wholeness.

I will not neglect my nourishment, emotional wellness, fellowship, and my physical rest

My dead dreams will be resurrected and my family will be restored.

I will not do what I have always done so I won’t get what I have always gotten.

Everything I need today will be supplied to me. I expect something good to happen to me today!!

I release fear, negative thinking, limitations and shortcomings.

I will speak my truth and confront wrong behavior, abuse and neglect.

My best yesterday was good enough, who I am is good enough.

When I feel others are rejecting and abandoning me I am rejecting and abandoning myself.

I should be treated with care, comfort, empathy, kindness and understanding.

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