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There was a nice healer who worked all day.

She toiled and sweated with no time to play.

Her fingers ached from computer stretches.

Her children tired of her many *kvetches (complaining)

One day she was reading through her overstuffed inbox.

She wondered… She thought‚Ķ..

Could I quit this and go into virtual coaching that rocks?

As she was about to click ‚ÄėDELETE ALL‚Äô

An email appeared, which caused her to stall.


She read the subject; it caught her attention.

Surely a winner, it’s worthy to mention.

To receive the first steps to giving to others in virtual coaching that rocks

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I promise that you will be completely in AWE.

Today wait in joyful hope for the extraordinary future that awaits you.

Say, every morning ‚Äúsomething good is going to happen to me today‚ÄĚ.

If you would like to have more weekly support….

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