“New” 5 steps to manage feelings of overwhelm from negative thoughts 🥰

When you feel the feelings of being overwhelmed when you have negative thoughts that scare you these are the things you need to do.


  1. Know how you feel is not the truth about it!
  2. Think about what the accurate picture is!
  3. What can I do that is helpful to take care of myself?
  4. Do not abandon yourself.
  5. One little step at a time like: how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time

You will gain self-confidence by doing these five steps because you will know the truth about what your negative thoughts are.

Self-confidence is the amount of trust you have in yourself.

 Self-esteem is a general impression you have of yourself. Your self-esteem is a form of self-love. It is how pleased you are with yourself in general.

You can have a lot of self-confidence and little self-esteem. The opposite can also be true.

  1. Self-confidence is easier to build. Self-confidence is the result of preparation and success. For example, if you prepare well for an exam, you’ll have confidence in your ability to do well on that exam. When you have a history of doing well at something, you’ll develop self-confidence in that area.
  2. Self-esteem can’t be built with achievements, but self-confidence can. A wall full of trophies and awards can really boost your self-confidence. However, it may do little for your self-esteem. You can be great at something without valuing yourself.

Building self-confidence is work, but the work that needs to be done is quite clear.

If you want to be confident at shooting free throws, shoot 100 of them each day until you’re consistently successful.

Practice giving speeches until you’re good at giving them and you’ll develop self-confidence in that area of your life.

 Learning to love yourself more will help you build self-esteem.

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