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Welcome to inspiration;

One of the upcoming pieces of training that we will be talking about is how to do self-care or how to nourish yourself.

Today I will give you some ideas on what nourishing yourself actually means.

One way to nourish yourself is by entering into intimate relationships with realistic expectations. (This topic is what I will be teaching in the coming programs). So stay tuned…💖

But there are many more…..

What does it mean to nourish yourself? To blaze a pathway to self-discovery, through nourishing yourself.

  • It means you will accept yourself without reservation.
  • Nourishing yourself means you will respect your own integrity and your own growth process
  • To nourish yourself means you will value your thoughts, feelings, and desires as important.
  • Nourishing yourself means that you will create a flourishing environment for yourself that promotes healthy living
  • To nourish yourself means you will admit you have needs
  • And giving yourself what you need is the big first step.
  • You will nourish yourself in making decisions about how to get those needs met.

This can be a new day for you. No one else can live or change this life for you. 💖 You only have 1 life, make it count

Let’s move forward and help you realize what you need and what your talents are so you can experience how it feels to know your gifts and help others.

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I pray YOU are LOVED & Empowered!

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