5 Mood-Boosting Activities to Easily Do at Home

Does sitting around the house leave you feeling a little blue?  Don’t let that cabin fever set in.

Did you know… Many people complain that the time that they’re spending at home is boring. But the truth is that it’s all just a state of mind. What if there was a way to boost your mood and have fun at the same time?

If you take a look around your home, you more than likely have a lot of great mood-boosting activities that you can easily do.

Now is the time to do all the things at home that you’ve never had time for before and to get creative in the space that you have. Take advantage of your home turf and make it a calm and relaxing place to be.

Why it matters… The key to enjoying being at home is to embrace everything that your home has to offer.

What to do…Try these activities to lighten your mood:

  1. Video chat with your family and friends. Seeing a familiar face is a great way to make yourself smile and turn your mood around. All you need are a camera and internet connection to make it happen.
  • Even if you can’t be with family and friends, you can still talk to each other and not miss a bit. Video chatting is taking the world by storm right now so jump in on the fun.
  1. Exercise in your living room. Exercising relieves stress, enables your body to produce endorphins that lighten your mood, and rejuvenates you all at the same time. Don’t feel like getting outside to exercise? No worries. You can work out in your own living room.
  • Create your own living-room-version of your favorite workout.
  • Exercise along with online workouts. Many personal trainers are putting workouts online. You can find many of these on YouTube
  1. Sing in the shower. Singing as loudly as you want in the shower is fun! In your own house, you can totally make it happen.
  • Use your shampoo bottle as the microphone and get your singing on. If you’re home alone, that’s the best bet, but if you don’t mind an audience or a crowd, sing away when others are there too.
  1. Take a nap. Afternoon naps are the best! There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that your bed is literally waiting for you to climb into it.
  • Even better than that, your mattress during the day just somehow feels a whole lot more comfortable than it does at night. Treat yourself and your mood and doze away.
  1. Sit on your porch and people watch. When’s the last time you’ve really noticed people as they’re walking by your house?
  • Pull up a chair, fill up a bowl full of snacks, and makeup stories about all the people passing by. It really is quite a lot of fun.


See for yourself how being at home can be a great way to boost your mood. You don’t have to go out into the world to have a good time.

You hold the key to making yourself happy within the confines of your own home. Use these activities as a springboard for more ideas of your own. Get creative and enjoy!

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