Hello ….I would like to tell you a story…….

When you find yourself people pleasing it is just a sign of no accountability to someone to help you know that it is happening and why you feel the way you do. Lets talk about it. ????

Self rejection leads to people pleasing other people When we don’t except ourselves, we assume that others wont except us either.

And because we believe we are not acceptable, we behave in ways that actually cause people to reject us????

Signs of a people pleasers

✅We let peoples expectations control us, and we feel trapped

✅We say yes to things, and then complain, privately about having to do them

✅We always set aside our legitimate needs in order to please other people

My story: I have lived a huge part of my life without confidence because I did not know who I was. As a result of not knowing who I was I got through life relying on coping skills that made me feel guilty.????

When I began to work with a coach, she helped me discover the real me. The me that I was meant to be when I was born. Due to abuse and disfunction in my childhood my personality was altered and the real me was not able to surface.

The coping skills I used as a child followed me into adulthood. I didn’t know any other way to deal with my insecurities except to behave how I thought others wanted me to behave.(people pleasing) So, when I didn’t behave like others wanted, I felt guilty????

Do you find you’re busy running around day and night feeling like nothing gets accomplished. The business you want and the life you have are just not making you happy. You’re stressed out, living with brain fog anxiety, and hiding from the pain all the time. Your self-worth and self-confidence are at an all-time low. ????

I am looking for a few special people who would like to take advantage of coaching sessions with me in my “FAM” Freedom Accelerator Mastermind

“As a woman lifts their head and discovers her identity and steps into her purpose “Its Powerful and life-changing”.

WATCH MY NEW QUICK VIDEO about the “Freedom Accelerator Mastermind Group”  https://youtu.be/mQjUnwgMuUc If you would like to sign up you can call me here 209-536-4296
Go here and see what a client said about his experience in coaching >>https://g.page/r/CTE3CuxewlOnEB0/review

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