10 inspirational quotes to help you overcome worry

Ever wanted to slap someone for saying “Don’t worry, “Think positively,” or “There’s nothing to worry about” You can’t change the outer circumstances but you can change how you will arise when this is over.

Has the COVID 19 situation caused you to lose your purpose and income? Are clients not coming to see you?

Do you only make money when your client shows up? Are you frustrated with the rhetoric and rules of doing what you’re doing? Would you like to travel the world and still help people at the same time? If these questions are in your head daily, there are answers. Discover how you can refresh burn out, restore your hope, and rebuild a lucrative virtual coaching business.

Have you tried this yet?  Close your eyes and picture it for a minute, you are in Puerto Rico, the soft warm breeze is blowing, the ocean is in front of you, you’re on a coaching call looking at the beauty of the palm trees in front of you. You’re talking on the phone with someone and guiding them through the steps that are needed to help them get to a place that they’ve been longing to get to their whole life. They make progress every week. You feel excited and ecstatic about getting on the phone to help them make progress and live their dreams.

Go ahead and dream, this could be you! Let’s make it happen!

Let’s talk about reinventing yourself and how you earn money. I help burnout therapists, helpers & entrepreneurs Refresh Restore and Rebuild finding easy online income doing what they already  love

Part of what I help burnout therapists, helpers & entrepreneurs with is building an audience. I get asked all the time how to create a following and get clients online.

Step 1: Give people a reason to follow you
Step 2: Keep them engaged
Step 3: Make them an offer

To help you accomplish these steps, I’ve created a very special package for you. It helps you Refresh Restore and Rebuild.

Here is how it works. while you design your freebie, your nurturing email sequence and plan out your year so you know how to focus your time and have a marketing plan.  You also learn how to create a healthy foundation to:


  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Self-care and Guided imagery
  • Inner bully and child work


  • Setting Boundaries in business and life
  • Art expression-Grieving to heal
  • How you speak to yourself to create courage
  • Shift negative beliefs and life patterns that have kept you stuck.
  • “Tournament of desires” for your niche and coaching


  • Focus your vision>upgrade Your Skills Template Guides to help you track your progress
  • Extraordinary marketing tips on Facebook and other valuable places to get clients flocking to you
  • 7 daily habit to win in life and create prosperity
  • Coaching Daily Planner “Turn Resolutions into Reality with the Plan” 
  • How to research and find your ideal client

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P.S. It’s never been a better time to develop yourself than now. Women are doing INCREDIBLE things in our world, and you can too! Do you struggle with speaking up powerfully, trusting your own inner guidance to make the impact you want to make? That is part of what we do together to get you results.

Are you ready to break free from “low income” to new exciting possibilities?’

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“I pray you are loved and empowered in all things”

P.S.  I am committed to sharing with you the best of what I’ve learned for 30 years with confidence coaching and helping to inspire others.

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